News Of The Day

The Benefit of Merhandise. Merchandise can hold a lot of benefits to companies when it comes to marketing. It is the new way of making an impact with customers and clients through products that can be benefitial to the user and create an impact.

Sunday 26


What is the best marketing that could have big impact? By having something that could be remembered by the audience is the definition of a success marketing plan. Merchandise is one of the tools to create the best impact becuase not only it will give a good impression, but it also can boost the mood of the audience.

Monday 18

Masker, is it a must or is it just for show?

People say face mask is not necessary in this pandemic state, is it true? According to World Health Organizatoin (WHO) face mask can help prevent your face touching your hands or droplet that might lead to getting infected by coronavirus.

Friday 02

Health Kit is what you need

With the current condition, we are facing a hard time as an indivudiual. What can a company do to help? Well I believe as a company there is a lot that can be done. One of those things are handing Health kit to employees. Be the company that care for the people's well being

Monday 18

Wood Lifestyle

What makes a wood's product awesome? is it the design? is it the maker? is it the material? I think it's the meaning that want to be convey by the products and the brand. What do you think?

Friday 02